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Your AI Team. 

AI Amped is your go-to resource for AI resources, community, and professional services. 

Our Mission

Make AI Simple and Effective to Implement. 

AI is all the hype and all the rage these days. 

It's confusing out there. Every day, new products, tools, and magic formulas are advertised across all social media. It's overwhelming and simply not helpful. 

Where to begin? 

AI Amped is here to eliminate the noise, cut through the BS, and help entrepreneurs and business people understand and use AI in the easiest ways to be successful. 

We are building a global community of professionals to share ideas in real human ways. 

We offer resources and live events to help people understand everything. 

And perhaps most importantly, we have a dedicated global team of Data and AI experts to guide you. 

Contact us, and let's get this journey started. 

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Meet Our Team.

The AI AMPED team has expert experience across artificial intelligence, data and entrepreneurship.  

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Our Journey So Far


AI Amped is Founded

AI Amped was founded in 2023 to create a platform that would bring together entrepreneurs and creatives who are interested in artificial intelligence. We created a powerhouse team in Mexico City and hosted our first two events.


We re-launched  AI AMPED to make it bigger and better with monthly events. 

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